About College

About College

The Co-operative Academy of Professional Education (Kerala) was formed to establish Educational Institutions in various professional fields to provide facilities for Education and Training. The Co-operative Academy of Professional Education is promoted by the Co-operation Department of the Government of Kerala and is an autonomous society under Government of Kerala. The Society is registered under the Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act, 1955 on the basis of the Memorandum of Association and the Rules as approved by the Government of Kerala. CAPE College of Nursing is under the Co-operative Academy of Professional Education(CAPE).

Philosophy of CAPE College of nursing is developed under the framework of Human life, Health, Nursing, Education and Learning.

We the faculty of CAPE College of Nursing believes that: Each individual is unique. As a unique person each individual has his/her own intrinsic value and it must be respected. We further believes that man is a holistic being. Each individual must be considered as a whole with physiological, psychological, social and emotional needs.

We the faculty of CAPE College of Nursing believes that: Health is the fundamental right of every human being. Health is a dynamic state where individuals, families, communities and health agencies work in harmony for its achievement. We further believes that health does not means the absence of diseases, it is the ability to function at a satisfactory level within the environment.

We the faculty of CAPE College of Nursing believes that: Nursing education is a lifelong process that produces mature, competent and resourceful nurses with a strong body of knowledge and competency to promote and restore health of individuals, family and society. The faculty strongly believes that nursing is a humanitarian discipline which provides care and comfort to people.

We the faculty of CAPE College of Nursing believes that: Education is a continuous process affecting the development of an individual. Professional education equips the individual with a specialized body of knowledge and expertise. The faculty further believes that: Each faculty is a role model, preceptor, recourse person,motivator, mentor and facilitator for the students. Effective learning takes place when there is a recognition and acceptance of individual differences in the learners.Learning is not limited to classrooms instead it occurs in a wide variety of context.Each student must be respected in terms of his/her beliefs, values and personal ability. The faculty accepts the responsibility to ensure opportunities for the personal and professional development of the student.